The Gleneagles Hotel

The best Highland resort in Scotland

The Gleneagles Hotel

The Gleneagles Hotel is not just a hotel; it is a playground for all, young and old. You will enjoy world-class restaurants, top-of-the-range premium sporting facilities and classy service, but not too intrusive, just right.  

The location is ideal for those who want to experience Scotland’s countryside without long drives and hotel changes. It is a place to stay at least for two nights; we will encourage longer stays, subject to your schedule. Using Gleneagles as a base to tour the Highlands is a viable option. The heart of the Highlands is 2hrs away, and the Trossachs National Park is an only 1-hour drive. Our Driver-Guide can be on hand when needed. 

We tend to suggest at least one whole day at Gleneagles as there is so much to do; for example, you can improve your off-road driving, go fishing, learn falconry, and a enjoy gundog experience. There is also archery, horse riding, cycling, hiking trails, shooting, and play Golf; there are three championship golf courses and one nine-hole course.


Jewel on the edge of the Highlands

A Brief History and Golf
Golf was always going to be the heart and soul of The Gleneagles Hotel, construction began on the King's and Queen's golf courses in 1913. Creating fairways on the rugged terrain was an ambitious undertaking, moving earth and stone with man and horsepower alone. Eventually, both were open in 1919, five years before the hotel opened its doors to its first guests.  

Golf as we know it today originated in Scotland. King James II of Scotland was concerned the game would stop the pursuit of archery, a far wiser skill to obtain during turbulent times. The first games utilised soil covered dunes along the coast, cutting the grass at different length added levels of difficulty. Ask us about a visit and tour of the British Golf Museum in St Andrews, where else? 

Age of Rail Travel 
The Gleneagles estate for some will feel out on a limb, imagine what it must have felt like in the 1930s. It has always been accessible by rail, the crucial part of the hotel's success was getting guests to the hotel in good time. We can arrange rail transportation from London and provide a Driver-Guide on-site for those trips into the Highlands.

The War Years
During the 1930s the hotel thrived, it was the most fashionable and luxurious golf resort in Scotland. Transformation of Gleneagles came when the storm clouds of war rolled in; the hotel became a military hospital and a place for miners' to recover. In 1947 the hotel reopened, for a while, things were not quite the same, Gleneagles complied with Government food rationing, limiting the volume and variety of meals on offer. As a point of interest rationing applied across the United Kingdom until 1954. Food rationing had been in place for fourteen years. 

Today, a Jewel on the edge of the Highlands with easy access to Edinburgh and Glasgow
In 1993 Jack Nicklaus designed what is now known as the PGA Centenary Course, previously the Monarch's Course. This course revitalised Gleneagles's status as a golfing mecca. The food options are endless, choose the age of elegance and book the Strathearn restaurant, serving classic Franco-Scottish fine dining. You could go for a Michelin-starred extravaganza at Andrew Fairlie's or be more casual at The Birnam Brasserie. Oh, I nearly forgot The Dormy for Pizza or Afternoon Tea at Glendevon and lastly The Garden CafĂ© for coffee and cake or a salad. 

Let us blend the Gleneagles Experience into your itinerary and Make-It-Special. We advise on staying at Gleneagles on these suggested tour itineraries; Honeymoon in Scotland, the Highlands and Islands tour. We have created a Whisky, Golf and Culture trip ideal for multi-generational groups. As the estate offers so many activities, we have also suggested staying when you have children on our Family Tour of Scotland. We couldn't resist making The Gleneagles Hotel part of our Scotland Adventure too.



Gleneagles Hotel - Classic and Britain's finest hotels

The ultimate country estate with activities galore a short hop from the Highlands

  • Bespoke amenities
  • Room upgrade upon arrival subject to availability
  • Child friendly (young or old)
  • Over 15 activities on-site
  • Spa and two championship golf courses
  • Six restaurants