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John de Mierre House
20 Bridge Road
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RM 12, John de Mierre House
Haywards Heath
West Sussex, England
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6th Floor, 2 London Wall Place

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Monday to Friday: 7.30 am to 10.30 pm - UK time.
Saturday: 9.30 am to 1.00 pm - UK time.
Sunday: closed.

Don’t hesitate to ask us anything

We are here to make sure your trip to the United Kingdom and Ireland is a grand success. What sets us apart is our vast knowledge, it is what makes all the difference; we never stop researching, sampling restaurants, staying in hotels, doing everything that we believe would make your visit to Britain and Ireland special.    


We are happy to answer your questions

YES, we require you to purchase travel insurance. The most important reasons are:

1. You can be financially protected during a last-minute cancellation.

2. You can be financially protected in a medical emergency.

3. You can be financially protected from loss or stolen goods.

4. You can be financially protected in emergency repatriation.

5. You can be financially protected during a viral pandemic.


Please check your TRAVEL INSURANCE SMALL PRINT and make sure you are covered at point of booking. 

YES; We provide accessible tours for people that need assistance or partial use of a wheelchair. We provide accessible vehicles for full-time wheelchair users too.


Please see our Accessible Tour Information here.

YES; You can cancel your tours and services with Luxury Vacations UK without penalty up to 31 days before you arrive, minus our tour design, booking and set up fee rated at 25%.

We require a 25% non-refundable tour design, booking, and set-up fee plus the value of tickets which require immediate booking to secure your services with Luxury Vacations UK. The 25% (non-refundable tour design, booking and set-up fee) represents work carried out, including but not limited to three quotes, a fully detailed final itinerary, and all administration required for service set-up.

Please see our full Terms and Conditions.

Your driver-guide will be extremely knowledgeable, which will include but not be limited to British history, culture, architecture, historical figures, food and drink.

We place much value on attitude, the likeability factor and a sense of empathy, and knowledge.

In most cases, our guides will have the authority to guide inside historical sites. When this is not the case, alternative arrangements can be made. For example, Guided tours of some stately homes will require the booking of an 'in-house' guide if this is requested or required. 

There are various 'guide badges' and so-called qualifications, although regulations in the UK regarding tour guiding are light. Nearly all of our guides have acquired an industry-recognised badge, some of our guides have specialist knowledge of a particular historical place, and often there is no relevant badge. Our guides have received our in-house guide training and their own industry-recognised badge. 


NO; We do not cancel tours if it rains. In general, rain showers are brief, and it is rare for the weather to alter a tour. All of our vehicles have umbrellas for your use. In exceptional circumstances, the weather may change an itinerary due to the nature of activities, such as climbing and mountain hiking.

YES; It is possible to alter your itinerary on the day subject to logistics and any pre-booked tickets/time slots you may have. You can discuss the options with your guide on the day or with our office staff before your tour.

Once you have paid your tour design, booking and set up fee (25%), you will receive a receipted invoice with our Terms and Conditions. Once you have paid your final payment 30 days before travel, you will receive a further receipted invoice and a full itinerary with essential information, such as pick-up/drop-off times and the name and cell phone number of your guide. 

You must check through this document and let us know if there are any changes you wish to make.. 

NO; Bottled water will be provided in the vehicle. However, please refrain from eating in the vehicle. Culturally, eating in cars is not usually done in the UK. Our itineraries are designed to include lunch and tea stops. 

For standard touring, we suggest comfortable walking shoes, no heels. You may climb a medieval spiral staircase or stroll down a cobbled street. Wearing layers you can take off is perfect for a day out. Our vehicles have umbrellas for your use and blankets to snuggle around you on cold days.

In any event, we will warn you of unusually hot, rainy, or cold weather. 

The Met Office based in the UK has the most reliable up-to-date weather information.

Your guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel at the allotted pick-up time. If you are staying in a private residence, your guide will call you beforehand to inform you they have arrived and where to meet.