Windsor Castle and Hampton Court

Windsor Castle & Hampton Court

Windsor CastleWindsor Castle
windsor castlewindsor castle
HAMPTON COURT BORDER 1042 X 638 (2016_02_12 13_57_19 UTC)388163HAMPTON COURT BORDER 1042 X 638 (2016_02_12 13_57_19 UTC)388163
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Key Tour Info

Driver-Guided (chauffeur-driven)

We provide high end vehicles for your tour. Your personal Driver-Guide will adapt to you style of travel and pace.

Private Tour

Enjoy a private guided tour in Hampton Court and tour around Windsor Castle. Where ever possible your Driver-Guide will provide insightful commentary on the places you are visiting

Flexible Touring

This day tour itinerary is flexible and customisable on the day


Full day Approx 8 hours

Why choose the Windsor Castle & Hampton Court

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest continuously inhabited castle in the world. The monarchy has added additional buildings to the castle over the last 900 years. Windsor Castle has survived various sieges. See the State Apartments which represent Gothic, Classical, Rococo and Jacobethan styles of architecture. Visit St George’s Chapel, a 15th Century building on the lower ward of the castle. It is the last resting place of royalty such as Edward IV, Henry VIII and Charles I. Completed in 1924, the Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House was built as a gift to Queen Mary.

Enjoy a private guided tour inside Hampton Court Palace, with architecture and furnishings reflecting the tastes of kings and queens over a period of some 300 years. Tour the authentic Tudor kitchens. Visit the great hall with its hammer-beamed roof and tapestries. Travel into another century and see the Baroque State Apartments. Whatever the weather, the Tudor maze and gardens ought to be visited as they are renowned throughout the world.

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