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Burghley House Tour, with option for Cambridge stop

Burghley House is a fantastic Elizabethan stately home, a term we use to describe buildings constructed during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The Queen took no husband and ruled England during a golden period of progress. During that time, great houses were built with lavish interiors and the first properties to have a large window area allowing light to flood and illuminate the treasures within.

Burghley House is the greatest of the period and has many objects of beauty, paintings and the finest baroque murals in the country. 

Include a brunch stop in Cambridge en-route and afternoon tea in Stamford, the nearby historic town, before you return.

England's greatest Elizabethan House

The House

Your driver-guide will meet you inside the lobby of your hotel in London. Head north and stop in Cambridge if required for brunch. You will have time for a fast drive through the city before heading further north to Burghley.

Burghley House was built during a golden period of English history. Shakespeare (Stratford-Upon-Avon) strutted his stuff, Sir Francis Drake's navel exploits made the country rich, and land once owned by the Catholic church was used to build great homes for the elite of English society. One such home was built by William Cecil, Lord High Treasurer and personal adviser to Queen Elizabeth I. 

William's ambitions were pretty obvious, to construct a house to impress, overwhelm even. Over centuries the house was filled by its various owners with beautiful paintings. In the 17th century, the educated classes travelled abroad for educational vacations known as The Grand Tours of famous historical sites and cities. John the 5th Earl of Exeter was one of the first of a band of aristocrats touring Roman remains and ancient greek temples.

The 5th Earl spent vast sums filling the house with treasures, decorating the rooms and staircases with baroque murals. Visitors today can appreciate travel's influence on the Earl and marvel at spectacular interiors.   

The Gardens

The grounds of Burghley were re-landscaped by the most famous landscaper of them all, Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, back in the 18th century. The Garden of Surprises is a must, featuring sculpture and various water drops. A traditional Deer Park surrounds the house, giving it an air of gentility. 


We will keep an eye on various events that occur on the estate, which may enhance or impact your visit. Summer concerts, Christmas fairs and Halloween experiences could be an element of your private tour of England

Before driving back to London, take a break and have a casual afternoon in the Orangery Restaurant.

Burghley House Tour Gallery

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