Zip Lining

Discover the fastest and longest zip wires in the UK

Zip Lining
Zip Lining is a thrilling activity you can enjoy with all your family and friends. Britain has some fantastic zip lines that are fast, steep and long. The history of zip lines in the world of exploration and survival is a long one. Sometimes it is the only way to move people and supplies over rugged terrain; it just happens to be fun. Travel is all about learning and experiences, but it must be enjoyable. We are keen on creating tours of Britain that include a few thrills as well as seeing places. 
Our adventure themed itineraries include; Scotland Adventure TourEngland Adventure Tour, and Wales Adventure Tour.

You are in luck. Britain has some superb zip line locations along with other adrenaline-fueled adventures. 
Here is a list of our favourite zip lining locations; 
1. Zip World, Penrhyn, Wales, UK; Velocity 2 is the fastest zip line in the world. You fly at around 100 mph over a huge quarry; only skydiving is more thrilling. 
2. Zip World, Llechwedd Slate Caverns, Wales, UK; Titan at Zip World is a little slower, but it is not less fun. There are four zip wires in a row with three zip wire sections to complete, so that families can race to the bottom of the mountain. It is so much fun, and you will not stop laughing. 
3. Hangloose zip line, The Eden Project, Cornwall, England, UK; Until next year this will be England’s longest zip wire. You zoom over the incredible biomes of the Eden project and travel half a mile. By the way, Hangloose at Bluewater shopping mall will be longer when it opens next year. 
4. Zip Trek Park, Aviemore, Scotland, UK; How about an entire course of 14 zip lines, slowly getting faster and longer all in a Highland setting. The visitors with a braver heart can tackle the Zip Adventure with 17 zip wires zig-zagging over the Alvie Gorge. You will fly over trees and waterfalls and swoop down into gorges. 
5. Go Ape!, 34 Sites Across the UK; Go Ape adventure parks offer various adrenaline activities including zip trekking. The centres are usually in picturesque locations and accommodate all ages and all fear factor levels.