Gastronomic Pub Tour of England

Enjoy lunch and dinner at the best gastro pubs, be chauffeur-driven and visit historic sites.

7 night driver-guided tour

Private driver-guided tour

Customisable itinerary

Flexibility on the day

From £3995 / Person
Explore the English Countryside, see historic sites and eat at the best foody pubs

Our sample gastronomic pub tour of England is designed to be relaxed. See a castle or historic town in the morning, indulge in a fabulous lunch, and finish the day by relaxing at the spa or hotel grounds. 

We will also arrange all your high-end evening meals at the hotel or in villages nearby. It will be an adventure in food and the story behind the dish. Britain is rich in world-class produce from land and sea. Visitors are not surprised by the sheer food quality when they see our glorious green fields, with farm animals grazing on highly nutritious grass. The seas around Britain are some of the best fishing grounds on earth, for those who enjoy seafood (fish) will be in heaven.

Modern British food not only has regional flavours but global influence, a throwback from the days of the Empire and, more recently, immigration. By the way, you will be amazed by the wine list standards, and wines are imported from every corner of the globe. Unexpectedly, for some, England produces world-class sparkling wine too and of course, fine traditional ale and whisky.

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Our UK and EU office-based staff will listen to what you want to see and experience.

Whether you are a honeymoon couple, a family or a corporate incentive group, our team’s collective resources will be brought together to build the right experience for you.

We will require your arrival and departure dates, details of your personal preferences and places that you would like to visit, as well as the events you would like to experience.

We will then prepare a draft itinerary and send it to you by email for your approval. Once agreed, we will send you a Booking Confirmation with a Personalised Itinerary and Information Pack via email.

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