Bletchley Park and Blenheim Palace

Tour the Victorian estate at Bletchley Park, the once top secret world war two codebreaking site and birthplace of Churchill, Blenheim Palace

Full day duration (9 hrs)

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Bletchley Park and Blenheim Palace

Learn how to keep safe on-line from the experts and trace the link from Bletchley Park of the 1940's to modern day cyber threats. The now-famous codebreaking site at Bletchley Park and Churchill connections at Blenheim Palace make this a World War Two inspired tour. 

  • Blenheim UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • VIP tours available
  • Option to visit National Museum of Computing

Our expertly designed full-day tour itineraries include entrance tickets and professional driver-guide with a luxury vehicle. This day tour from London is fully flexible on the day and customisable. Let us help you make the adjustments to match your pace of travel, personal interests and lunch requirements.

A story of two people that changed the world

A baroque palace and the origins of todays tech.

This fascinating trip gives you an insight into the origins of modern-day computing and how vital information helped defeat Nazi Germany. Requisitioned for both World War one and two, Blenheim Palace played a roll hosting Britain's domestic secret service and evacuated boy school. Grand staterooms became dorms, and the landscaped ground became a playground.

Blenheim Palace, home to the Duke of Marlborough and birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, Aside from tales of military prowess and celebrated national heroes, Blenheim Palace, is an extraordinary and arguably unparalleled example of the elegance, beauty, and splendour of the British aristocracy. With its 187 rooms that glitter in the sumptuous golds and distinctive theatre of the baroque style, Blenheim, the real Downton Abbey. The tour of the Lancelot "Capability" Brown landscaped grounds is a highlight of a visit to Blenheim.

A question for you, how is a Victorian mansion in Buckinghamshire, England connected to the multinational technology company, Apple Inc? Answer the logo. We all know the logo, an apple with its bite missing from it. This image is a tribute to the genius mathematician and the 'father of the modern computer', Alan Turing; a famous resident of Bletchley Park during the second world war. When you meet with your guide, they will reveal the significance of Apple Inc's brand, and explore the once top-secret HQ for Britain's best codebreakers.

Discover how the Nazi code breaking work carried out by Alan Turing and his team shortened the war from two to four years and saved over 14 million lives. Don't forget to ask your guide what the apple logo symbolises.

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Choose from a wide range of hotels, such as Buckland Manor, the Lygon Arms, or maybe Dormy House. We can suggest a place to stay based on your personal preferences and room configuration.

Bletchley Park and Blenheim Palace gallery

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