Blenheim Palace

UNESCO World Heritage Stately Home with Magnificent Landscaped Grounds by 'Capability' Brown.

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is a gift from the nation to a war hero. What an extraordinary gift, a vast estate with a baroque palace at its centre. 

The 1st Duke of Marlborough is that hero, calm and well-liked warrior led allied armies to glorious victories during the early 1700s. His nemesis was the all-powerful King Louis 14th of France, the Sun King. Marlborough was a shrewd strategist; he never lost a battle and rose to the rank of Colonel by merit alone. A true hero, who stopped the egotistical Louis, who connived European domination.

This extraordinary estate is a short day tour from London; our Cotswolds and Blenheim Palace tour is a super itinerary. Blenheim sits on the edge of the famous Cotswolds region, known for picture-postcard villages and idyllic rural countryside. Take your time and explore the area in-depth, Stay overnight in the Cotswolds and turn your day trip into a multi-day tour of England.

Birthplace of Churchill

A brief history of Blenheim Palace

A monument to victory
This baroque masterpiece is not only a palace but a monument to commemorate a resounding military victory over the French to save Europe from King Louis' domination.

The Battle of Blindheim (Blenheim)
John Churchill, the 1st Duke of Marlborough, lead his troops to victory at the Battle of Blenheim in 1704, none were more grateful than Queen Anne. In those days you got land and titles, and John Churchill wasted no time in orchestrating plans to create his very own golden stoned trophy.

The Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, understood that efficient transportation was essential during the war. Once his troops had won a victory, the baggage train would arrive with clothing, fresh boots, tents, bread ovens and medical supplies. Without meticulous planning, this could not happen. Marlborough knew that taking good care of your soldiers makes an army an efficient fighting force.

Tapestries depicting the stories of the various battles hang in the state apartments of the palace. There are astonishingly detailed and remain a record of events and make Blenheim Palace a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The 'Marlborough' cart
The Duke even went to the lengths of designing a haulage cart that could cope with mountain terrain and narrow, uneven roads. This famous cart became a game-changer when delivering supplies to the front line.   

The landscape grounds and house
Aside from tales of military prowess and celebrated national heroes, Blenheim Palace is an extraordinary and arguably unparalleled example of the elegance, beauty, and splendour of the British aristocracy. With its 187 rooms that glitter in the sumptuous golds and distinctive theatre of the baroque style, it is no wonder why Blenheim is 'the real Downton Abbey'.

The interior decoration is spectacular; the painted ceilings of the great hall and Saloon are breath-taking. Rooms loaded with the spoils of war, such as French clocks and furniture. The wow-factor is the landscaped grounds, the garden designer Lancelot 'Capability' Brown is responsible for the heavenly views. The laid out parkland leads the eye; trees obscure the palace, intriguing the viewer. It is magical and impresses all visitors. 

Today Blenheim has become synonymous with momentous military conquests. With two of the most nationally significant military victories in British history, although two centuries apart, overseen by two famous Churchill commanders; Sir John and Sir Winston. If you enjoy the tales of Sir Winston Churchill, book our VIP Tour of the War Rooms.

The national hero, Sir Winston Churchill, was born at the Blenheim in 1874. During the ten years before the outbreak of second world war, he researched and wrote about his great ancestor and inspiration, Sir John Churchill. Recording that "the first Duke's victory at Blenheim changed the political axis of the world". Did he know, we wonder that he too would impact the world through his courageous leadership in the war - tour Blenheim on a Driver -Guided Tour of England.

Touring and accommodation
Blenheim Palace is an easy day tour from London, and a combined, Blenheim Palace and Cotswolds make a great day out. Combine Blenheim with either Warwick Castle or Stratford-upon-Avon the town Shakespeare was born and still has original properties connected to the writer. A great trio of places to visit in a day tour from London is Oxford, Blenheim Palace and the Cotswolds. Find out more about Oxford and the Cotswolds.

The area near Blenheim Palace and the Cotswolds has a wide choice of accommodation. Stay at the Lygon Arms Hotel, a luxury coaching inn and enjoy a village location. Use the spa, go to the local pubs and shops. You may prefer Buckland Manor, a country house hotel, a five-minute drive to the popular village of Broadway. Stay on the Farncombe Estate and choose between Dormy House, Foxhill Manor, the Fish B&B and the fun Treehouses

We recommend our suggested Town and Country Tour for a first-time visit to England. We can customise the itinerary to include Blenheim Palace and make other suggestions based on your interests and accommodation preferences.

Blenheim Palace, a Baroque Gem

Stately Home with Landscaped Gardens and High-End Shop

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
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