South Lodge Hotel and Spa

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South Lodge Hotel with state-of-the-art spa within the South Downs National Park

South Lodge Hotel and Spa is nestled in South Downs National Park, England's sparkling wine region. Only 1 hour south of Heathrow in the rolling hills that inspired the Winnie-the-Pooh stories, a place where the real Christopher Robin played with his bear. You too will love this landscape of rivers, wooden bridges, forests and valleys – oh and old pubs serving Harvey's local ale. 

South Lodge Hotel is Victorian Mansion in origin with thoroughly up to date facilities, such as the 44,000 Sq. Ft. Top-notch spa with the Mediterranean influenced restaurant matching the warm climate of Sussex – Officially the Sunniest County of All England. 

There is a fantastic and balanced choice of restaurants. All the best things come on threes, so you have Tom Kemble at the Pass, the man himself has worked at various high-end restaurants in London before winning a Michelin star at Bonhams' – this is a tasting menu affair where the guest sits in the Kitchen. Next, we have The Camellia Restaurant, fresh produce from the hotel's kitchen garden and surrounding farms. The food is modern British with vegetarian options. Lastly, we have super healthy, Botanica. The menu is mostly plant-based and full of flavours you never thought possible, an ideal lunch stop after a workout. 


A brief history of Sussex
There is evidence that man has inhabited Sussex for over 500,000 years, Boxgrove Man, a relative of modern humans, was unearthed in 1993. The Celts lived and thrived, the Romans added Britannia to their long list of conquered nations, until their demise. People from what is now Germany arrived in the 5th Century, and various Saxon Kingdoms evolved, East Saxons (Essex) West Saxons (Wessex) and the South Saxons (Sussex). 

The Nation of England was born, the crowns of the various mini Kingdoms become united under one Crown in the 10th Century, more or less. 

The connection to the sea dominates the history of Southern England like no other part of Britain. Pevensey Bay, Sussex was the arrival point of William the Conqueror and his army in 1066. William invaded and defeated the Saxon King Harold and subjugated the nation. The Norman invaders built castles at every opportunity and dominated the English people. The Tower of London is probably the most famous of all. Princes have drowned off the Sussex coast changing the course of history and pirates hide booty in caves. The vast white cliffs and massive hills have always been our barrier from unwanted guests from the continent; the Romans found it a challenge, Napoleon never made it, and neither did Hitler. This coastline can tell the story of our islands, and our driver-guides will be delighted to enthral you. 

It was from the South Coast of England that the largest invasion force in history departed on Tuesday, 6th June 1944 for Normandy. Almost nine hundred years earlier, William the Conqueror left Normandy for what was then the most significant invasion force. After the war years, the seaside towns slowly began to fill with visitors and fishing villages thrived again. 

Castles and gardens
The location of South Lodge Hotel lends its self to touring England's sparkling wine region, Castles and gardens. There are famous gardens all over Britain, but there is a high concentration of magnificent show gardens in the South of England. Sissinghurst Castle and Gardens, Arundel Castle and Gardens, and Great Dixter are super famous. From South Lodge, you will have time to tour a garden in the morning, have lunch at a great little pub and visit another garden in the afternoon – before heading back to South Lodge to enjoy the Spa before dinner. 

The region is superb for hiking and cycling as well. The rolling South Downs are breathtaking and unique. The chalk downland habitat is unusual and supports rare orchids, butterflies and birds. The sea is never far away, and we can arrange private boat trips along the coast. Our suggested tour England's South Coast features South Lodge as does our Great Gardens of the South. 

The Spa
We would suggest a day or at least an afternoon of time to relax at the Spa. We think the Spa at South Lodge is rather lovely and deserves your time. The architecture of the building is superb; it has a rolling roofline matching the contours of the South Downs, the views of which seen from the indoor pool. Ladies will love the Ridgeview Beauty Bar (Ridgeview is English sparkling wine) and the fellas will like the Grizzly's, a modern take on the traditional barber. The wild Swimming pool is unique; you must try it. As Sussex is so sunny, you will be able to enjoy the outdoor vitality hydrotherapy pool. 

Touring England's sparkling wine region 
Farmland along the entire South Coast of England is slowly, but surely being transformed. Two million vines a year are planted, and there are over 500 vineyards in the UK, South Lodge is in the very heart of this region. Wine production in England is not new; The Roman's planted vines across England and even in the colder northern regions. German variety grapes do well in Southern England, but it is the growing of grapes for sparkling wine is much more viable. Three-quarters of all English wine is sparkling, and it has a distinct flavour, smooth floral, and so drinkable. Sussex is the epicentre of this once humble industry; the chalky and flinty soil is partly the reason along with Sussex being England's Sunshine State. Let us help you create a Private tour of England that is perfect for you.

South Lodge Hotel and Spa - Classic and Britain's finest hotels

Premium Spa hotel in the heart of the South Downs with Castles, Gardens and Vineyards

  • Bespoke amenities
  • Room upgrade upon arrival subject to availability
  • South Downs National Park location
  • World Class Spa
  • 1hrs from Heathrow, 20 mins from Gatwick
  • Three restaurants