Private falconry experience with a professional falconer


Falconry probably began in what is now modern-day Iraq over 2,000 years ago. The art of hunting with a wild bird became popular during the middle ages in Europe. It certainly was a nobleman's sport, due to the fact you needed to invest time to train the birds and enough land for practising.

Falconry has remained a vibrant sport in the UK. A large number of passionate licensed owners take care of rescued or mistreated birds. Many of these rehabilitated birds are unable to return to the wild. So such birds are used in breeding conservation programs. Flying and feeding in falconry shows do not harm the birds and keeps them healthy as apposed to perishing in the wild.

Our vetted experience providers are keen to show off native species and have you look out for them in the wild.

There are a variety of falconry experiences available around the UK. The New Forest site works well when you are staying at Chewton Glen Hotel on the South Coast. We can also tailor a day tour from London to combine the falconry experience with another attraction or activity - for example, Tour Stonehenge and Falconry Experience, as a day tour from London.

Falconry is widespread in the UK. Therefore we can tailor a tour to include such an experience. Many hotels have shows and offer private handling and even training. Bovey Castle in Devon has a daily display, and Gleneagles provides a personal falconry experience.

Please ask us to tailor a tour of Britain or Ireland and include an interactive activity for you or your family – we would be delighted.