VIP private tour of the Crown Jewels and Tower of London

Start your morning early so you can experience the Tower of London before it opens to the public.

5 hours duration

Private driver-guided tour

Customisable itinerary

Luxury Sedan or Vans (Mercedes, Lexus, Jaguars)

From £495 / Person
VIP tour of the Crown Jewels and Tower of London before public arrive

Meet your tour guide in the lobby of your hotel and make your way to the Tower of London with the use of a London Taxi or the use of our Chauffeur-driven service. 

Privately see these priceless world-famous irreplaceable objects of power, beauty and historically the most important treasures owned by the state. The Crown Jewels always impress and often leave people overwhelmed by the value, size and magnificence. Mounted rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds of the size, quantity and quality seen in the Crown Jewels display is unique.

Enter the gates of this UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to around 140 people. Then, step into the famous bomb-proof vault housing the Crown Jewels.

See 23,000 precious stones

The vault that holds the Crown Jewels will be open just for you, step inside the Jewel House. The Tower of London is the home of the glorious Crown Jewels and has been for centuries. These items are the Coronation Regalia - items used at the coronation of a sovereign (King or Queen). You will be able to admire the ‘the First Star of Africa’ diamond (530.2 carats), the largest diamond in the world, the Black Princes’ Ruby, and the diamond with Indian origins, the famous Koh-I-Noor, meaning ‘mountain of light’, an excellent name for precious stone. Find out what it all means, and be amazed by the volume and quality of precious stones on display. See the incredible Imperial Crown of India, glistening with emeralds, rubies, sapphires and 6100 diamonds.

You'll then have time to explore the Tower with your guide. Learn about the mystery of the Two Princes and the fates of royal prisoners including Princess Elizabeth and Anne Boleyn. Meet the Yeoman Warders that guard the Tower and the resident ravens. Legend says if these huge birds ever leave, the kingdom will fall.

Stroll through the Old City of London and discover some of the lesser-known secrets of this two-thousand-year-old settlement, including Roman London

Option to return to Westminster by Private Thames Boat, a car and driver will be waiting for you at the jetty to whisk you away to your next adventure. 

VIP Private Tour of the Crown Jewels and Tower of London Gallery

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