VIP private tour of Parliament and Westminster Abbey

This private tour of Parliament takes place during times when standard tours are not operating.

5 hours duration

Private driver-guided tour

Customisable itinerary

Luxury Sedan or Vans (Mercedes, Lexus, Jaguars)

From £229 / Person
By special arrangement VIP tour of Parliament and Westminster Abbey

Meet your tour guide in the lobby of your hotel and make your way to Houses of Parliament with the use of a London Taxi or the use of our Chauffeur-driven service. An extraordinary experience to privately tour inside two of the world's most revered institutions Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Both architectural and spiritual beacons for the nation.

Once a single unit, both Parliament and Westminster Abbey sat on an island in the middle of the Thames, a city by rights known as Westminster. The minster ‘west’ of the old city of London. Within this complex developed a Royal fiefdom, a gated community of prelates, government officials and the Royal family. 

Learn how the city developed and eventually expanded beyond its walls into the surrounding villages.

King John's disastrous reign of oppression, motivated the barons to rebel. They paved the way for Britain's leading magnates to be allowed a voice. In 1215, the historic Magna Carta agreement limited the power of the Crown for the first time.

  • See the House of Commons
  • See the tomb of Sir Isaac Newton
  • See the House of Lords

Today, laws need to pass through the House of Lords and the House of Commons (elected representatives), both of which sit in the Houses of Parliament. A tour of this magnificent gothic building offers insight into the creation of our laws and where critical national events are hotly debated, shaping the way we live, work and play. You'll hear about women's fight for a voice in Parliament, and learn about Big Ben, the world's most famous bell.

You’ll also enjoy a private tour inside Westminster Abbey, one of Britain's most important historic buildings, and a beautiful memorial to the country's most revered people. A vast number of royal tombs and monuments lay here, as well as the poignant Unknown Warrior and great individuals like Charles Dickens, David Livingstone, Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. The church is also famous for royal weddings and coronations, and you'll see the chair that every monarch sat on for their coronation since 1308.

If this is your first time visit to London, please consider our suggested Royal London Tour and Old City of London Tour. We recommend you book both to get an excellent insight into the United Kingdom's great capital. 

VIP Private Tour of Parliament and Westminster Abbey Gallery

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