Private tour of Royal London

Royal tour of London



Private Guided Tour

Your guide will meet inside the lobby of your hotel. It is a personalised service, your guide will adapt to you style of travel and pace.

Private Tour

Where possible your Guide will provide insightful commentary on the places you are visiting, subject to some restrictions.

Flexible Touring

This day tour itinerary is flexible and customisable on the day, just ask your guide. Taxi and tubes (underground train)… and your own two feet! Explore the city like a Londoner with an expert tour guide by your side.

tour time

Full day approx 7 hours

Private Royal tour of London

To be begin with meet your guide for your private tour of Westminster, in short Royal London.  Tour the  Churchill War Rooms where Sir Winston Churchill conducted operations during the London Blitz.  Experience the sights and sounds of the wartime bunker that sheltered the Prime Minster and his team of government officials, secretaries and high ranking military personnel during the aerial bombing of London. See communication, map and meeting rooms left as if the war ended only yesterday. See the guard change at Buckingham Palace, subject to army schedules.

Private guided tour of Westminster Abbey

Enjoy a private tour inside Westminster Abbey, famous for coronations and royal weddings. The abbey is one of Britain’s most important historic buildings, a Royal church with tombs of Kings and Queens. The Abbey has become a special place of burial for the great and the good. See the coronation chair and the spectacular King Henry VII chapel.

Private Walking tour of Royal St James

Stroll through aristocratic London is characterized by elegant squares, specialist shops and smart restaurants. Before large department stores ladies and gentlemen had a tailor, a hatter, shoe maker, cheese-monger, wine merchant and so on.  These specialist stores can still be seen in the small streets of Mayfair and St James today.

In conclusion, you will experience the vibrant, cultural and Royal district of London with an expert tour guide by your side. 

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