London Eye

One of the tallest observation wheels in the world

London Eye

Booking a ride on the London Eye is a must on a first-time visit to London. The huge glass and air-conditioned capsules provide a 360-degree view of the capital. All of London is laid out before you, which helps your private guide explain the city's story.

The rotating observation wheel moves slowly and offers a different view with every degree of rotation, getting higher and higher until you see a map-like London below. The capsules are air-conditioned and have a large seating platform in the centre for those a little unsure about heights. 

A flight on the London Eye is great fun and gives you a unique perspective of the city. We have a list of VIP London Eye options to choose, so read on.

The Story of the London Eye
The London Eye was constructed as part of Britain’s millennium celebrations, and therefore the Eye is over twenty years old. The London Eye is the focus of giant fireworks display every New Year when pyrotechnic engineers launch a huge volume of noisy colour from the spokes. The effect is much like an enormous Catherine Wheel.   

Julia Barfield and David Marks designed the London Eye and ended up with a rotating Eiffel tower. It has been an incredible success and has inspired many cities to build similar very tall Ferris wheels. However, many are not quite so elegant as the cantilever design of the Eye.  

All 32 of the capsules weigh over 10 tons and designed to carry twenty-five people. When each capsule is full, the Eye can have up to 800 people on board. The number of pods relates to the number of London boroughs. 

The builders ferried the colossal pieces of steel down the Thames and built the circle on floating rafts. While the Eye floated on the river, the steel cable spokes were connected to wheel and hub. The hub was then attached to the ‘A’ frame; over several days engineers lifted the entire structure into the upright position. Each day Londoner’s came into work seeing a giant bicycle wheel rising from the Thames; it was fascinating to watch. Each day Londoner’s came into work seeing a giant bicycle wheel slowly rising from the Thames; it was fascinating to watch. 

The Prime Minister the Right Honourable Tony Blair officially opened the Eye on the 31 December 1999. Vip guests were meant to board the Eye that night and enjoy the first ride, but there was an issue with clutches on the capsules, in March 2000 engineers resolved the problem. Since then, as many as 60 million people have taken a flight on the London Eye. 

London Eye options
Private Pod: Book, a private pod as part of your personalised tour of London and have our guide take care of logistics, transportation and commentary on-board the Eye. You will access your private capsule via a special FAST TRACK entrance and enjoy the space and freedom. 

Champagne Private Pod: Enjoy the luxury of each guest being served a glass of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne.
Other VIP options are only subject to our imaginations.

All of our suggested private tours of London can be customised to your requirements. 

360-Degree Views

View London like a Google Map

  • FAST TRACK ticket option
  • Private Pod Available
  • Champagne Private Pod
  • Wine Tasting Pod (subject to Availability)
  • 30 Minute Ride