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Llangoed Hall Hotel, an elegant country house hotel on the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park

Llangoed Hall Hotel the peaceful Manor House on the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park, a place of green valleys, waterfalls, mountains and castles. The hotel has a calmness which makes a stay here ideal for those seeking relaxation after a day touring with your Driver-Guide. 

Like many of the hotels we recommend, Llangoed has a Kitchen Garden. Apart from using the food produced from the garden, hopping over the fence and foraging is not unknown. The Welsh countryside has more to offer than just beauty. 

We tend to tour from London to Llangoed Hall Hotel arriving at around 4.30 pm or 5 pm, giving you enough to time recharge your batteries, freshen up and be ready for a beautiful and elegant dinner. Stops en-route to Llangoed can be Bath and Cotswolds or Chepstow Castle, Tintern Abbey and the Cotswolds. There are so many options for us to share with you. 


Ancient Origins
Today you wouldn’t notice, but in the past the location of Llangoed Castle, as it was known, was strategic. An evil Prince (Iddon) passed the property over to the Church in the 6th Century; this is a period we call the dark ages; there are very few written records of this time. The reason why the dark ages are so mysterious but full of great stories, free from detail. The greatest of all accounts was that of King Arthur. Back to Llangoed Hall; By donating his property to the Church, maybe the evil Prince Iddon thought this might relieve him of his terrible sins? It is a legend. But Llangoed Castle was here. 

From the mid 17th Century a mansion existed, a Jacobean pile until the much-hailed Sir Bertram Clough William-Ellis remodelled the house in the 1900s. He retained some features, such as the attractive porch. Clough William-Ellis is known for the incredible Welsh village of Portmeirion, which rather over-shadows his distinguished military career. He received the Military Cross in the 1918 honours list. 

The Laura Ashley Connection
During World War Two Laura Mountney met Bernard Ashley in London at a youth club. Bernard served in the British Army (Gurkhas), but the pair continued to write. Shortly after the war, they married. While working, raising two children, she revived her interest in quilting, then designing headscarves and table mats. Her husband, a brilliant engineer, built a printing machine in the attic churning out printed scarves, which become extremely popular. Eventually, she opened a shop in the early 1960s, and the business took off - quite literally, the Ashley’s then bought aircraft, boats and houses. Laura Ashley, at only 60, died from injuries sustained after a felling down a set of stairs in 1985.

The Rooms
The design of the Llangoed Hall Hotel rooms does nod to the Welsh designer Laura Ashley, and gorgeous they are - The Laura Ashley Suite is our favourite. Each of the 23 rooms has independent design, no strict hotel format here, every room with individual character.  

The Food
Dinner is calm and timed to perfection; there is a two-hour sitting from 18.30 to 20.30 with the option to have drinks earlier in the lounge, which of course everyone does. The cooking has classic routes using local produce from the Kitchen Gardens and surrounding landscape. Lunch is rather extraordinary, have your family and friends watch the kitchen staff make your lunch, interact with the kitchen team and indulge in a seven-course tasting menu. 

The Location
Southern Wales is often missed out on tours of Wales, even by Brits. We like South Wales because it feels undiscovered, it is quite. The Waterfall Trail on our suggested Honeymoon Tour is a delightful activity with very few people. Carreg Cenne Castle in the Brecon Beacons is another one of those forgotten places; you could say challenging to get to, which makes if free from people for the most part. Staying at Llangoed Hall gives you the chance to explore, hike and see the beauty of South Wales. See Wales our Suggested Tour of Wales here. 


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Once the home of Laura Ashley, the world famous designer

  • Bespoke amenities
  • Room upgrade upon arrival subject to availability
  • Brecon Beacons National Park location
  • Former home of Laura Ashley
  • Walking trails from the hotel door
  • Renowned restaurant