London's Royal Parks

Discover London's eight Royal Parks on a private guided tour of London

London's Royal Parks

In London, you have eight Royal Parks. They give the capital a nature space to rest and unwind. Unlike the regular public parks, the Royal Parks are owned by the crown and managed by a government agency.

These green oases cover 5000 acres, regarded as essential to life in the capital. Londoners will refer to the parks as the “lungs of London.” Once Royal hunting grounds and pleasure gardens, they make the city one of the greenest. According to the European Union, when you combine the other green spaces within the capital, London is officially a forest. Consider booking Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

The Parks are historical places, so you can find many statues, fountains, and stonework carefully preserved for the future. Let us introduce you to the eight Royal Parks of London.

The Lungs of London

1. Hyde Park
This park is one of London’s most famous parks. It borders Kensington Gardens to the west. Mostly it’s just a nice park to relax, jog, swim in the Serpentine, and more. Throughout the year, there are many activities, like rock concerts in summer and the Winter Wonderland funfair
Hyde Park contains many memorials, such as the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain and the Pan statue (based on the famous Peter Pan character). If you want something more sportive, you can choose to play tennis, football, or horse riding. In the park, you have Speakers’ Corner. It’s a place where speakers stand up and express their opinions on everything. 
2. Regent’s Park
At first, the park was a hunting ground for Henry VIII. In 1845 it went open to the public. It’s the home of the London Zoo and an Open-Air Theatre. There are many things to do in summer: various food and music festivals, bandstands, gorgeous rose gardens, rowing boat hire, and more.
3. St James’s Park
St James’s Park and Green Park are next to each other, with Buckingham Palace and Gardens in between them. St James Park is the oldest Royal Park and remains important because it’s the park overlooking Buckingham Palace. The park was known as King James’s animal park. He kept exotic animals such as crocodiles, camels and an elephant there. Now it’s mostly known for the Pelican feeding and exotic birds.
4. Green Park
Green Park is the smallest Royal Park and borders Buckingham Palace with Constitution Hall. It has its memorials such as: The Bomber Command Memorial: honours the people who died from the Bomber Command in World Ward Two, The Canada Gate: monument to Queen Victoria, The Commonwealth Memorial Gates: honours the people who died in the both World Wars from the Indian sub-continent, Africa and the Caribbean.
5. Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gardens includes the end of the Serpentine and hosts the Serpentine Galleries and Kensington Palace (the London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge). It was a place where resident J.M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan) found his inspiration. So, in the park, you can see a Peter Pan statue. 
There are two art galleries on either side of the Serpentine Bridge: the original Serpentine Gallery and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. In the north of the garden, you’ll find the Italian Water Gardens with an elaborate mix of four basins, beautiful stonework and the Tazza Fountain.
6. Richmond Park
Richmond Park is known for its wide ancient trees, grasslands, open spaces and deer herds. You can go on a guided walk tour at the park, go power kiting, do horse riding, golf, fish, play rugby, or hire a bike.
7. Bushy Park
It’s the second-largest Royal Park in London. Notable features of the park are the Diana Fountain, the Waterford Woodland Garden, the Upper Lodge Water Gardens and the popular Hampton Heath Open Air swimming pool. You can play cricket, rugby, tennis, football, or go fishing. We can incorporate a visit to Bushy Park on a tour of Hampton Court Palace.
8. Greenwich Park
Greenwich Park is an incredible mix of 17th-century landscape, beautiful gardens and a rich history that dates back to Roman times. It offers something for everyone: stand on the Prime Meridian, explore the wildlife, follow in the footsteps of England’s kings and queens, and visit the Flower, Herb and Rose Gardens.

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