Surfing in Cornwall

Discover Britain's best surfing beaches

Surfing in Cornwall

Welcome to the surfing capital of the United Kingdom. The Cornish peninsula juts into the Atlantic and receives reliable swells throughout the year. There are a collection of beaches with superb surfing conditions, but Fistral and the Cribbar reef are superb.  

The ideal time of year to surf in Cornwall is autumn. The waters are still warm, the ocean swells are more consistent, and you will have more of the beach to yourself.

We can provide transportation, tuition and equipment.

Here are the top six surfing beaches in Cornwall; 

  1. The most formidable surfing patch must surely be The Cribbar (reef near Fistral)off the Towan Headland, near Newquay. Waves sizes can be over 30 ft or 9.1 m, so not for the faint-hearted and you can understand why the reef is known as the widow-maker. 
  2. The most famous strand to surf is Fistral Beach, Newquay. This location is hectic during the summer months, and the waves are reliable and up to around 8 ft. 
  3. Polzeath Beach, Padstow produces a gentle wave owing to the gradual shelving and sheltered position of the bay. Therefore, pretty good for beginners.  
  4. Porthtowan Beach is a cracker with fast hollow waves. Backed by golden dunes and dramatic cliffs, Porthtowan is a superb beach. Finish the day with a stop at the Blue Bar beach bar and kitchen. 
  5. Praa Sands Beach, Helston is probably the best spot on the south coast and outstanding during the winter months. The beach is large, so you can even find a quiet place during the summer months. 
  6. Sennen Beach is one of the most exposed being right on the western tip of Britain, facing the Atlantic full head-on. There is a wide range of wave conditions, and the beach is beautiful. 

If you love the coast, you will love Cornwall with its four hundred beaches to discover all of which you can surf, in theory. Even if you are new to surfing, we can include Surf Lessons in your private tour of Cornwall. We will arrange all the equipment hire. Here is a link to our suggested itinerary; The Family Experience of Cornwall Tour.