Unique Places to Stay

Make your tour of Britain and Ireland a fairy-tale experience, stay in a unique place

Unique Places to Stay

Stay in a private castle, gatehouse, folly, fort, lighthouse or historic country cottage is the way the British enjoy Britain. Be surrounded by glorious countryside, walking distance to a genuine village pub, and be intrigued by living if but for a short time somewhere special.

Vast numbers of historic buildings around the UK and Ireland will fall into disrepair over time unless a new use is found for them. They are being recycled to become Unique Places to Stay.

Heritage organisations are busy restoring these assets and making them comfortable places to stay. Just imagine waking up, stepping outside your door and find yourself in the middle of a world-class landscape garden, nothing compares. 

Stay in a folly, gatehouse or lighthouse

What is a folly 
The inspiration for attractive stone buildings on an estate all began with the purchase of landscape paintings. The art included stories of the Greek gods with biblical tales all mixed. These works of art were sold to British aristocrats while on the grand tour, which was an educational trip of Europe, exploring remains of the ancient world. The makeup of the picture consisted of lakes, a temple to Apollo, a ruined tower and rolling hills with giant trees. Follies were essential features in these landscapes, with no real purpose but to create a focal point, decoration and indication of your intellect — the British and Irish constructed vast landscaped grounds with temples and follies as decorative accents.  Now you can stay in one or live inside a work of art. 

Gatehouses, Old Prisons, Private Castles and Lighthouses
Other rather strange places to stay include lighthouses, the sounds of the sea and curved walls must be your thing. Converted Old Prisons have been popular, bizarre, I know, but it can be fun for some. Our favourite is Gatehouses; they tend to form part of a vast historic estate, allowing you to wander the grounds freely in the evenings, it is an extremely relaxing experience. Private Castles can be petite or enormous and accommodate large families or large groups. Most importantly having the run of your castle perched on a hillside or cliff is pretty cool. 

Luxury Historic Houses
When you have a large family gathering, a big special occasion, this is the perfect option. These properties are not only significant but have incredible facilities, playrooms, cinemas, these beautifully built architectural gems are all grand and historic. 

Is this for you?
The style of accommodation may not be best for you or your groups at all. We can explain what you are maybe getting into, particularly with the more unusual places to stay.


Unique Places to Stay

Stay in the unusual, live a fairy tale life, at least for a while

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  • Unique and historic 
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