The Grand Hotel York

The Grand Hotel York, the best hotel in York, England

The Grand York Hotel

The Grand York - located in the heart of York, a city bursting with heritage, awe-inspiring architecture, ancient byways, snickets, and preserved historic streets. The good-old Grand built-in 1906 as the headquarters for the North Eastern Railway Company, a hugely successful business. This Edwardian structure maintains the intricate architectural details you would expect from a building of this period. We love the arched corridors and doorways and stone motifs. Our guides will take you from the lobby into the labyrinth streets of the Old City of York. 

The Grand Hotel York has much to offer on-site, we can arrange private dining in Hudsons, dinner at The Rise or after travelling you may wish to take a dip in the pool. Fancy brush up your cookery skills? Let us book you into The Cookery School. 

The Rise Restaurant offers British cuisine, using locally sourced produce. What is Modern British food? Influences come from around the world but with a traditional heart. Some of the world’s best lamb, beef and fish are reared and caught in these islands and are used in the menus here with European twists, such as; Rump of Lamb – Pommes Anna, Girolles (mushrooms), smoked Aubergine, Jus. I think we can safely say that Britain is now a culinary superpower. 


A city centre hotel with fine restaurants, bars, spa and cookery school

Brief History of York
Let's start with the Romans, that is always a wise place to start. In the first century, the 9th Legion set up a new fort and named it Eboracum, a great name to say, it almost sounds like a spell from the Harry Potter stories. Eboracum (York) became the launching pad for invading further north; the force was significant, around 4000. In the year 306, while in York Constantine was proclaimed Emperor after the death of his father. On his deathbed in the year 337, Constantine became Christian, the first emperor to do so.  By the way, the Roman City is still there; it is mostly unseen as it is underground, although parts of the City walls are exposed. 

York changes its name again to please new arrivals, the Anglo-Saxons. York, therefore, called ‘Eoforwic’ which eventually turns into Yorvik when the Vikings arrive – to then YORK. The famous big City in the United States is named after YORK here in England. In 1664 the Dutch surrendered New Amsterdam (Manhattan) to the British and the name change came about to honour the Duke of York and his military mission. The last successful invasion of Britain occurs in 1066, William the Conqueror controls most of Britain with an iron fist. Yorkshire rebels and King William takes his revenge most horrifically; Northern England is laid waste. The middle ages bring waves of prosperity, and eventually, York becomes England’s second City after London. See all the layers of history on a walking tour with your guide. 

The Chocolate City era
Imagine walking the cobbled streets and smelling chocolate, how wonderful. Once the chocolate city, nearly every family had connections to the chocolate factories (inspiring Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) of Terry’s, Rowntree’s, and Cravens. Learn about the industry during your guided tour. 

City of elegance - 1700s
During the age of elegance (for some) York become a centre of sophistication, a great metropolis for the second class gentry (second only to London). Assemble rooms for dancing, card playing, music concerts and socialising was the order of the day. Buildings from the 1700s sit beside medieval churches and 1000-year-old houses. York is a fascinating mish-mash of styles and times. 

Private guided tours of York
Our guides will meet you in the lobby of The Grand York and tell the tale of the City surrounded by old Walls and Rivers. See the back streets, historical buildings and magnificent York Minster, the seat of the Archbishop of York and one of the largest churches in Europe with carved details that will delight and amaze. The Minster is staggering and must be visited. We can arrange access to parts of the church not commonly seen and make your tour unique. 

We suggest staying at Grand York Hotel on many different itinerary options. Such as England Adventure Tour, Classic Tour of England.


The Grand Hotel York

The best hotel in York, England's preserved historical gem

  • Bespoke amenities
  • Room upgrade upon arrival subject to availability
  • City centre location
  • Cookery school
  • Spa
  • Walking tours from the hotel