Kinloch Lodge Hotel

A secluded location overlooking a beautiful bay on the Isle of Skye

Kinloch Lodge Hotel

Kinloch Lodge the ideal retreat from the outside world on a perfect island. The Isle of Skye feels and looks like the edge of the world. We mean this as a positive, escapism is what you achieve on the Isle of Skye, when you travel out of peak season (July and August).  

After walking, hiking and touring it makes complete sense to return to a small cosy hotel with roaring fires, a whisky ready for you at the bar and evening dinner reservations at a world-class restaurant. 

Getting to Skye even in the 21st Century is an undertaking, a mild challenge we would say. It, therefore, makes sense to stay a minimum of two nights. All of your suggested itineraries that include Skye include two nights plus. 


The Origins
The Norman Invasion of Britain in 1066ad brought control to these isles, with an iron fist. Back then property and land were the only things of real value, protecting it, enclosing it became a priority for the conquerors. By the way, the invaders (the Normans) were originally from Norway; they were Norse-Men, not French at all – they were of Viking origin. This war-like race controlled parts of France (Normandy) regions of the Mediterranean and more. 

The Normans introduced the idea of forest law, whereby large regions were subject to the crown and designated hunting grounds, which as it turns out, is ideal for warfare training and horsemanship. The Scottish King’s liked this idea and followed suit; the result was hunting lodges springing up across Britain, plays to stay for the weary hunter when many miles from the nearest castle or town. Kinloch Lodge is a legacy of those times. 

The Macdonalds family home
Kinloch Lodge is a real 16th Century hunting lodge and once the family home for the Macdonald family. Claire and Godfrey Macdonald opened the lodge in the 1970s and had no choice but to learn how to run a small family hotel very quickly – they had no formal training. Overtime improvements came with experience along with the accolades.  Claire is a well-known cook and writer, and Godfrey as a point of interest is the 34th hereditary chief of the Macdonald clan.  

Claire and Godfrey’s daughter Isabella Macdonald now runs the hotel after a career at British Airways and The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. 

The Restaurant
Surrounded Kinloch Lodge are some of the most productive fishing grounds in the world, the landscape of the Highlands and Islands yields venison, pigeon, lamb and beef. Not forgetting an array of Scottish cheeses, such as Hebridean Blue and Mull Cheddar can be found on the menu. The wine offering is uncomplicated and designed to match the menus; choosing the wine will be stress-free and satisfying. 

Location and rooms
What we particularly like is the spectacular location, most rooms have views across sea-Loch na Dal or the mountains. The hotel is also a short distance from the Skye Bridge and ferry port of Armadale. Rooms are uncluttered serene and tastefully decorated, with luxury linen and top-notch beds. Take a walk or hike from the hotel straight into the haunting beauty of mountainous Skye. You will never forget the landscapes, the mist and Lochside walks, this is a romantic place and is why we feature the Isle of Skye on the suggested Honeymoon in Scotland itinerary. 

Let us help you Tailor a tour of Skye that includes Kinloch Lodge
Your Driver-Guide will be on hand to take you around the Island in the most efficient way, enthralling you with local anecdotes. Your guide and our office will coordinate any adventure activities you may wish to include. Our Scotland Adventure is ideal for those of you more active. Check out our list of suggested Scotland tours here


Kinloch Lodge - Townhouse and Boutique Hotels

Lochside retreat with unrivalled views and a world-class restaurant

  • Bespoke amenities
  • Room upgrade upon arrival subject to availability
  • Lochside views
  • Luxury hunting lodge
  • Walking trails from the hotel door
  • Renowned restaurant