Castles and Manor House Hotels

Be surrounded by architectural details of middle ages and sleep in grand chambers

Castle and Manor House Hotels

There’s nothing quite like arriving at an authentic medieval castle or manor house and knowing you are staying the night.

If walls could talk, every portrait, grand staircase and corridor have a tale to tell. Each chamber will be unique, have quirks and unusual features. This style of hotel will have historic landscaped grounds, gardens, and produce grown onsite. Some have golf courses and other leisure facilities such as spas.

A brief history of Castles and Manor Houses

The Norman Invasion 
Extensive stone-built fortifications appeared in Britain during the 11th century. Before that time most ‘castles’ were constructed with earth and wood, usually located on hilltops. The invading Normans introduced this new castle design which had increased comfort and the capabilities of withstanding a sustained siege. Building began on 100’s of these massive stone structures across Britain. 

Location, Location, Location
These forts defended a region and profitable estates producing food, wine and ale. In some cases, castles were strategically positioned near rivers usually protecting Cathedrals Cities, with prosperous markets and pilgrims requiring accommodation and safety. 

Castle to Manor Houses
When the need for protection waned so did the style of architecture, fortified manors were more typical; his Lordship of the Manor was effectively CEO of a large tract of land with estate workers living in a nearby village with a few basic amenities such as a pub. It was the wool industry that made England wealthy, that wealth built magnificent parish churches and increased the size and grandeur of the Manor House that you see today.

Whatley Manor Hotel is a beautifully preserved hotel located near to Bath, and on the edge of the Cotswolds, our favourite feature is the super restaurant. Situated within the South Downs National Park Amberley Castle Hotel is an early medieval bishops palace. Close to the South Coast and historic town of Arundel; our favourite feature is the fairy tale gardens. 

Castle and Manor House Hotels

Beautiful locations, real fortifications and ancient manor houses

  • Bespoke amenities
  • Room upgrade upon arrival subject to availability 
  • Highly rated restaurants
  • Activities on-site
  • Room TAX reductions subject to conditions
  • Complimentary welcome drinks