Cliffs of Moher

Walk the dramatic 700 ft Cliff top

Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are one of the most popular visitor destinations in Ireland - with over 1.5 million visitors per annum. They are also included in the European Geoparks Network and recognised by UNESCO.

The cliffs are also a favoured filming location. They have been the location for scenes in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Leap Year. The Martin Scorsese film Bringing Out the Dead and Waveriders both include the cliffs, which have also featured in music videos, including Maroon 5's "Runaway" and Westlife's "My Love" others.

An environmentally sensitive visitor centre has been built, which features multimedia screens covering the cliffs' history, geology, flora, and fauna. Cruises are also available to enable visitors to see the rock face from sea level. Include this awesome natural wonder on a Private Tour of Ireland

Rugged Cliffs 700 ft High and Five Miles Long

A brief history of The Cliffs of Moher

The View
They a spectacular sight in themselves, but the giant rock face also offers breath-taking, fantastic views as far away as the Aran Islands in Galway Bay, the Twelve Pins mountain ranges in County Galway, and Loop Head the south.

320 million years old
The cliffs formed over 320 million years ago during the Upper Carboniferous period when this area was much nearer to the equator than it is now. Layer upon countless layer of vast quantities of sand and mud was washed down and deposited at the edge of a gigantic marine basin.

Over millions and millions of years, the deposits dried and became solid rock. At the same time, movements in the earth's plates carried the stone to its present position. The sandstone, siltstone, and shale bands we see today each represent different stages and conditions that have existed and contributed to the fantastic spectacle that is the Cliffs of Moher.

Highlights in and around the Cliffs of Moher

See O'Brien's Tower, built-in 1835 as an observation tower by Sir Cornelius O'Brien at the highest point of the Cliffs of Moher. His idea was that the views it afforded would attract tourists and benefit the county Clare economy. He was right - The views are fantastic and a popular destination for many.

Just below O'Brians Tower is a sea stack called Branaunmore (means "Big Prince" or "Big Raven"), which has become separated from the cliffs due to erosion. 

Being Ireland, there are a wealth of stories attached to the cliffs. One of them relates to a section of the coastal peaks known as Hag's Head'. The story has it that a 'hag' known as Mal chased the warrior of her dreams all over Ireland. When they got to the Cliffs of Moher, he leapt a gap onto a piece of land. Mal, however, stumbled and fell to her death on the rocks. Many maintain that the stones form the shape of Mal's profile, gazing out to sea. We suggest that you visit and see for yourself.

The Burren, a huge pavement of limestone riddled with many caves beneath, is an experience not to be missed. The Burren was home to Stone and Bronze Age peoples well before the Celts arrived in Ireland. One of the ancient tombs (70) is the 4,500year-old Poulnabrone Dolmen with huge thin stone slabs. A mile away, a boy out hunting rabbits in 1930 discovered a gold collar dating from around 700BC - displayed in Dublin's National Museum.

Touring and accommodation
The Cliffs of Moher feature in our Classic Ireland Tour. However, we can always customise your journey to reflect any specific interests or requirements you may have. Ireland's heritage and culture are special, and so are the natural wonders. In the north-west, you have lakes, inland waterways, The Connemara National Park, the strange rocky 'Burren', the Cliffs of Moher and stunning gardens of Kylemore Abbey and much more. 

Galway is an excellent base to explore the region. Alternatively, stay at the legendary Ashford Castle Hotel, enjoy the magnificent facilities and take driver-guided day tours to explore the area. Glenlo Abbey Hotel near the coast and is ideal for golfers. Our Travel Designers can help you plan your private tour of Ireland and make it special.

UNESCO Geopark

Irelands Greatest Natural Wonder

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