Snorkel with seals

Snorkel with the curious seals of England's Isles of Scilly

Snorkel with seals

Britain's coastal regions are an ideal for habitat for the Grey Seal. Vast colonies populate several locations around Britain; Blakeney Point on the Norfolk Coast have thousands of animals resting on the sands during the autumn and winter. The largest bulls can grow to over two 2.6 meters (8.5 ft) and weigh more than 310 kg (680 lb). They hunt herring, sprat and cod, but are known to attack porpoises and harbour seals. 

Grey seals colonies in the Isles of Scilly seem to have lost or never gained their fear of man and remain curious and friendly swimming companions. We want to introduce you to a unique British wildlife encounter, Snorkel with the grey seals of Scilly. We can customise our England's South Coast Tour to include the Snorkelling with grey seals of the isles of Scilly.  

The archipelago of 55 islands is 25 miles off the southwestern coast of Cornwall. The Scillies are famed for their crystal clear waters, pale sands and mild climate. There are five main inhabited islands; St Mary's (with the airport) Tresco (with Tresco Abbey Gardens) St Martin's, St Agnes and Bryher. Swimming with the grey seals takes place off St Martin's.

Swim with the curious Grey seals of the Scillies

England's unspoilt archipelago

It does make sense to stay over for a night or two on the islands. We can build this side trip into your itinerary, our England's South Coast Tour or Family Experience of Cornwall Tour will be customised to include this opportunity. 

Our team will make transportation arrangements and have all equipment provided. It would help if you were confident about swimming in open water. 

You will have a briefing, be fitted with a wetsuit, mask, fins and snorkel. The activity will last around three hours. 

Despite their size (bulls at 8 ft and 310 kg or 680 lb - cows at 6 ft 5in and 190 kg or 420 lb) are quick and graceful and swim at remarkable speeds. The high visibility in the water makes the creatures easy to spot; they have big whiskers and speckled skin. They tend to approach from below and nibble your fins. It is an incredible experience to be in the water with these beautiful creatures.

Where to stay

Hell Bay, Bryher
The hotel is wedged into a secluded cove facing the Atlantic ocean encircled by rugged moorland. The Hell Bay Hotel started life as a micro-farm with rooms and has graduated into a New England meets the tropics vibe.

Guest enjoy an outdoor swimming pool, sauna, spa treatment rooms and seasonal Crab Shack. There are 25 rooms and suites, brightly decorated with floor to ceiling windows. The restaurant uses fresh produce from the islands and ocean, and it is heavenly.

Star Castle Hotel, St Marys
Star Castle Hotel is strategically located on the island of St Mary's, the largest with the airport and highest population. Accommodation is set within the 16th-century garrison walls surrounded by 4 acres of lush gardens. The hotel owns the Holy Vale Vineyard; certainly worth a visit and tasting.

The hotel has two great restaurants, 38 rooms and suites, an indoor pool and a tennis court. The hotel 'boatman' is useful for touring the outer islands. The rooms offer classic comfort, and the eight-pointed star-shaped hotel has all the history. It was the frontline when the islands came under attack. 

Karma, St Martins
Karma is yards away from a white sandy beach with crystal clear waters. St Martins is the island with the Grey Seal colony, therefore only walk away from the launch site to Snorkel with Seals. Within 30 minutes walk is an artist studio, pub, vineyard, bakery and fish and chip shop.

Karma is a village of stone houses blending with the island backdrop. There is a spa treatment room, waterfront dining and 30 rooms and suites (garden and Ocena view) with large rooms that connect for families. A fisherman brings the daily catch into the quay and is cooked within hours at the Cloudesley Shovell Restaurant.

Please note; getting to and travelling around the Scillies is a little challenging and worth it. Let us plan a tour that includes a two or three night stay on England's Isles of Scilly

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