For Travel Agents

For Travel Agents

Work with a team with passion, dedication and a sense of humour!

I expect the reason why you are reading this page is because you have clients that wish to travel to the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) on business or pleasure. It could be a group, family, couple, people that need assistance or a corporation. Your client could have a special interest - we specialise in that too!

Why choose Luxury Vacations UK

Our Record
Our record on completing jobs with full satisfaction is unrivalled in the United Kingdom. This means your clients WILL return to you with more business. We can be your brand on the ground, or you can sell our brand as an Associate Partner.

Your Margin
Amenities and benefits we offer as part of working with us means you can actually make a decent margin, probably the best in the luxury sector. We offer services to the trade that are not available via any other channel.

Why we do it
Luxury Vacations UK began as a result of a driver-guide (Andrew Stevens) representing other operators and realising that he cared far more about their clients than they did. Vehicles were poor, training was virtually zero, limited customer service AND very little imagination when planning itineraries. Luxury Vacations UK was born out of this frustration.

What an honour to represent your country as a guide, surely it is the best job in the world. That is the way we feel about it. Being founded by a professional tour guide means, as a team we understand that a guide can make-or-break a tour. They are meeting your clients face to face, therefore they must be at the top of their game. We demonstrate great skill at choosing people. We like people that have led interesting lives, show a sense of empathy and realise the tour is it not about them. Our style of tour is client focused with flexibility built in. Our additional training and experience has enabled us to produce a superb team of guides.

Our Assets

Our touring vehicles have panoramic glass roofs, perfect for good views and picture taking. We have models with easy access, high seating position and Wi-Fi. Business travel vehicles have Wi-Fi and adaptors for computers and tabs.

In-House guides
It is common to promote the fact that you have In-House guides, but, what does that really mean in this world with the internet and social media? To us it is very simple. Our In-house guides only work for us as professional tour guides, they do not for example have their own websites, own vehicles or represent any other tour company. This means your client cannot find them online and book direct.

Take advantage of our relationships
Pre-negotiated contracts with ticket suppliers, all types of accommodation, special venues, private country homes, historic sites of interest for private tours and helicopter operators.

The business was founded by a professional tour guide, this has meant itineraries that are poorly designed and logistically unworkable just don’t happen. The demands of a client can sometimes outstrip common sense. It is our job to make your aware of this and help you persuade the client to change course. We have been instructed because of our experience and expertise after all.

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About Luxury Vacations UK

Since 2002, we have created British travel experiences for individuals, families, groups and corporations. Driver-Guided Tours, Chauffeur-Driven Transfers and Behind-the-Scenes Tours, Unique Accommodation, Customised Group Programmes and VIP Experiences, Premium Tickets to Theatres, Sporting and Cultural Events

And why we do it!

Our aim is always to be an ‘upgrade’ to anything else available, but without going ‘over the top’ with our prices. We started our business by offering simple day tours and deliver them well. It was not long before our clients were asking us to include more services and events – this we took as a compliment and felt it showed they trusted us and had confidence that we would deliver to a high standard, without the fuss.