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01 July 2020 News


We are taking bookings for September 2020 and beyond.

Dear travel agents, friends, and potential clients,

COVID 19 has made 2020 a strange year, to say the least, unprecedented, I would say. 

We are looking forward; we believe this crisis will be over pretty soon, the will is there from every nation on earth. 

We certainly do not want you to commit to visiting Britain or Ireland and book tours with us if we have more problems later this summer. I can imagine the fear of quarantine in a foreign country is a 'put off' to put in mildly. With this in mind, we want to approach the situation sensibly and help plan your trip to the UK worry-free, until we are sure that quarantine or another COVID 19 flare-up will not alter your tour with us. We are willing to plan and offer quotations for tours that take place in September, and into the future. There is a high chance the pandemic will be under control or managed to the point that we can travel safely without fear. 

Accurate information regarding the UK Lockdown; The UK is gradually opening up.

We have one COVID hurdle remaining, and that is quarantine. Once the US has control over COVID, visiting the UK will be as normal as it can get with the added benefit of less crowding at places of interest.

I would suggest you recommend to your US clients to make bookings with us for September onwards. Within the next month, we should have a clearer picture of the situation in the USA and any lifting of quarantine.

As you can see from the list below, visiting the UK from 4th July is a possibility if you have European clients.

From 4th July, many businesses and venues will be permitted to reopen and will be expected to follow COVID-19 Secure guidelines. These include:

  • hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast accommodation, holiday apartments or homes, cottages or bungalows, campsites, caravan parks or boarding houses
  • places of worship
  • libraries
  • community centres
  • restaurants, cafes, workplace canteens, bars, pubs that are self-contained and can be accessed from the outside
  • hair salons and barbers, including mobile businesses
  • cinemas
  • theatres and concert halls
  • funfairs, theme parks, adventure parks and activities
  • outdoor gyms and playgrounds
  • museums and galleries
  • outdoor skating rinks
  • amusement arcades and other entertainment centres
  • model villages
  • social clubs
  • indoor attractions at aquariums, zoos, safari parks, farms, wildlife centres and any place where animals are exhibited to the public as an attraction
  • indoor and outdoor areas of visitor attractions including, gardens, heritage sites, film studios and landmarks

We look forward to touring with us very soon. 

Kind Regards
Andrew Stevens