Our Guides

Our Guides

Interesting people with a sense of humour, with one motive - that you have a good time!

Our driver-guides, chauffeurs and office team may have different personalities, but they all share the same great attitude and commitment to customer care.

We have a large team of experienced and professional guides and driver-guides, some of whom speak another language apart from English. All have received training to match the expectations of our clients.

Not only do we look for people who are knowledgeable and professional, we also want people who have those elusive, combined ingredients of empathy, likeability and character. These are the personality types who go the extra mile and make your vacation special.

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About Luxury Vacations UK

Since 2002, we have created British travel experiences for individuals, families, groups and corporations. Driver-Guided Tours, Chauffeur-Driven Transfers and Behind-the-Scenes Tours, Unique Accommodation, Customised Group Programmes and VIP Experiences, Premium Tickets to Theatres, Sporting and Cultural Events

And why we do it!

Our aim is always to be an ‘upgrade’ to anything else available, but without going ‘over the top’ with our prices. We started our business by offering simple day tours and deliver them well. It was not long before our clients were asking us to include more services and events – this we took as a compliment and felt it showed they trusted us and had confidence that we would deliver to a high standard, without the fuss.