Special Interest Exclusive Tour: The British Museum

Special Interest Tour: The British Museum

    Special Interest Exclusive Tour: The British Museum

    Dr. Lawrence Owens, Ph.D. - Specialist subjects: Archaeology, Anthropology, Palaeontology

    Lawrence has worked in the Middle East, Europe, the Canary Islands, the US, South Africa, Ghana, Peru and Bolivia.

    He originally trained as an archaeologist, and is particularly interested in ancient Egypt, the Assyrians, the Classical World, pre-colonial Africa and the Pre-Colombian New World. He currently specialises in the study of human remains - bones, teeth and mummies - and what they can tell us about the societies from which they come.

    With Dr Owens by your side, visit the British Museum. Learn about mummies, human sacrifice, civilizations, Book of the Dead, Roman and Greek artefacts, hieroglyphs and the Rosetta Stone.

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    The Rosetta Stone, mummification, human sacrifice, Book of the Dead, Greek sculptures, ​Elgin Marbles, textiles and weaponry.

    Your specialist guide and expert archaeologist, Dr Lawrence Owens will meet you at the British Museum. If you require transportation, we can arrange this.

    London is famous for its museums, former residents and unique neighbourhoods. These special aspects of London frequently stimulate our visitors’ personal interests in such subjects as art, architecture, archaeology and law. Rarely, when visiting a great city such as London, is there an opportunity for visitors to explore their special interests with the aid of world-class experts, renowned for their scholarship - until now.

    Among Dr Owens’ many and varied interests and proficiencies are: bioarchaeology, anatomy, osteology, gross anatomy, functional anatomy, palaeodemography, ethics, palaeopathology, dental anthropology, human/primate evolution, Palaeolithic archaeology and evolutionary theory. Lawrence is also a leading authority on mummies and human sacrifice!

    Learn about the origins of the British Museum and aspects of the building. Discover the early collection, established in an era of colonialism, and travel through time seeing fascinating artefacts from the great civilisations of the world, including Assyrian and Greek sculptures.

    Stop by the Egyptian Sculpture Room and see the Rosetta Stone, with its inscribed scripts - what does this represent? Follow your guide to the Egyptian Death & Afterlife Rooms, where you will learn about mummification, funeral preparations and immortality. See various objects on display, such as funerary masks, coffins and of course…mummies.

    Your guide will show you ‘Ginger’ a 5000-year-old mummified body. The British Museum has many secrets to be discovered, including treasure from an ancient 7th Century ship burial.

    The museum holds 11 wall-paintings which help you to picture what it would have looked like inside a tomb-chapel.

    Remember to ask about the Book of the Dead…

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