Rock 'n' Roll on Tour!

Rock ‘n’ Roll on Tour!

    Rock 'n' Roll on Tour!

    Whether it’s Beatles, Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin, Clash or Jimi Hendrix - we can tailor a tour to suit your musical interests.

    Explore the city like a real Londoner with an expert guide by your side. Your guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel and conduct the tour using different modes of transport. It’s the eco-friendly, exhilarating and flexible way to experience one of the world’s greatest cities.

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    Stop by and see Abbey Road Studios which was established in the 1930’s. The studio shot to fame during the 1960’s when bands such as Pink Floyd and The Beatles recorded their albums there. The venue became a popular place for the artists to ‘jam’. Abbey Road is the registry office where Paul and Linda got hitched. Although The Beatles were born and grew up in Liverpool, much of their time was spent in London. On this experience you will see numerous sights associated with the group.

    Walk over the famous zebra crossing outside the studio, which starred on The Beatles’ album cover ‘Abbey Road’. It soon became a dwelling for fans to follow in their idol’s footsteps. Even the American band, Red Hot Chili Peppers used the zebra crossing as tribute on one of their EP’s.

    The nearest London Underground station to Abbey Road is St John’s Wood, which opened in 1939. There are 426 escalators in total on the London Underground. Ask your guide to take the tube as you must experience our London Underground which dates back to 1863.

    At St James’s in London is Indica Gallery which is where John Lennon met Yoko. The Apple boutique was a retail store in the 1960’s and considered to be one of the band’s first business ventures. Apparently this is where Paul wrote “Yesterday”. The list goes on! Beatles fans will be in their element. Your guide will have the knowledge you expect and be old enough to remember the Beatles!

    Stop by Jimi Hendrix’s London house, marked by a blue plaque. The rock legend describes this place as “the only home I ever had”. You may want to see the place where Led Zeppelin first rehearsed, or where the Sex Pistols and Bananarama shared a flat together.

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