Private Kensington Palace

Private Kensington Palace Tour

    Private Kensington Palace

    A residential home of royalty from the 17th century, Kensington Palace was formally known as Nottingham House. William III and his wife Mary II purchased the estate in 1689 and immediately started develop the house, adding additional buildings.

    Experience a private morning or evening tour of Kensington Palace. Enjoy this VIP experience without the crowds.

    Tour the State Apartments, see the Victoria Revealed exhibition or the Fashion Rules which display outfits belonging to HM Queen Elizabeth II, Princes Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales. The choice is up to you on what areas of the palace you wish to see.

    After your morning tour, the breakfast reception will be held in the Orangery with pastries, juices and fruit. The evening reception is held in the entrance hall with canapés and wine.

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    A residential home of royalty from the 17th Century, Kensington Palace was formally known as Nottingham House. William III and his wife Mary II purchased the estate in 1689 and immediately started develop the house, adding additional buildings.

    Victoria Revealed explores the many, often surprising aspects of Queen Victoria’s character: devoted wife, dedicated mother, lover of the arts, devastated widow and powerful stateswoman. Follow Victoria’s story from the room in which she spent her first moments as queen. Trace her journey from young girl to queen enthralled with a new husband, to grieving matriarch and ruler of a vast empire. The exhibition includes iconic, impressive, beautiful and often deeply personal objects, from Victoria’s simple white silk wedding gown, to the dolls she made, dressed and named as a little girl. Victoria and the people who surrounded her tell this story: excerpts from her journals, letters and reports from contemporary commentators give insight into the extraordinary life of the woman whose name defined an age.

    The State Apartments are a magnificent succession of rooms located within the heart of Kensington Palace. They are very elaborate and traditional in decoration, and display a selection of artefacts and installations which provide a unique insight into the lives of previous residents. The Kings Apartments are a sumptuous set of rooms, each grander than the last. All the great and good of Georgian London would have climbed up the Grand Staircase and progressed through these spaces to visit the king. The Queen’s Apartments are cosy, private rooms that were once used by Queen Mary II for relaxation. Once filled with a wonderful array of artefacts including; Turkish carpets, embroidered hangings and oriental porcelain, these spaces today tell the tale of the Glorious Revolution and the end of the Stuart era, and how the aftermath of these critical events shaped history.

    Fashion Rules features rare and exquisite dresses from HM Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales. This exhibition will provide a feast for the eyes and a nostalgic glance back at recent decades. Elegant dress displays will explore how these royal figures were representative of the spirit of each decade, reflecting and inspiring everyday fashions. Photography and film footage will take guests back to the optimistic 1950’s, rebellious 1960’s and 70’s, through to the extravagant 80’s.

    Private access can only take place outside of normal opening times.

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