Natural History Museum Specialist Tour with an Archaeologist

Natural History Museum Specialist Tour with an Archaeologist

    Natural History Museum Specialist Tour with an Archaeologist

    Dr. Lawrence Owens, Ph.D. - Specialist subjects: Archaeology, Anthropology, Palaeontology

    Lawrence has worked in the Middle East, Europe, the Canary Islands, the US, South Africa, Ghana, Peru and Bolivia.

    He originally trained as an archaeologist, and is particularly interested in ancient Egypt, the Assyrians, the Classical World, pre-colonial Africa and the Pre-Colombian New World. He currently specialises in the study of human remains - bones, teeth and mummies - and what they can tell us about the societies from which they come.

    With Dr Owens by your side at the Natural History Museum, your journey will begin 4 billion years ago.

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    Tyrannosaurus Rex, Blue Whale, Triceratops’ skull, volcanoes, fossils, DNA, shark eggs, extinct mammals, ancient reptiles, 420,000 year old Clacton spear, 3.5 million year old Laetoli canine, evidence of sea creatures and flying reptiles.

    There are several natural history or nature museums located around the world. One of the greatest, perhaps the greatest, is the Natural History Museum of London. This museum is particularly stimulating for children and, therefore, makes an ideal place for families to visit. A tour of the Natural History Museum of London with a professional palaeontologist, anthropologist and archaeologist is a rare privilege indeed and is certain to stimulate the thoughts and imaginations of all thinking people.

    Dr. Lawrence Owens has developed a tour for Luxury Vacations UK of the Natural History Museum of London, lasting approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.

    Your journey will begin 4 billion years ago with the first signs of life.

    Visit the Dinosaurs Gallery and meet the first T-Rex fossil ever found. Learn about dinosaur anatomy, diet and behaviour. See the skull of a Triceratops and one of the largest meat-eaters ever unearthed in Europe - the Baryonyx! Learn about the Iguanodon, which is one of the first species to be given the title “dinosaur”.

    After a break for light refreshments, the story continues with the evolution of mammals and humans. See wild dogs, big cats and the extinct giant Diprotodon. Discover why some mammals have pouches and others without teeth.

    Compare your brain to the blue whale… See a real sample of DNA and a brain and spinal cord.

    You may be interested to visit the Marine Invertebrates Gallery and see a crab that’s related to spiders, delicate deep sea creatures and learn what sea snails use to make purple dye. Did you know shells were once used as currency?

    What lies ahead for our planet? Learn about the study of volcanoes, see historic seismographic equipment and techniques to use against earthquake damage.

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