Art, Museums & Cultural Tour

Art, Museums & Cultural Tour

    Art, Museums & Cultural Tour

    This tour is customisable and private. We can provide a driver-guide with Luxury Sedan (3 PAX) or Van (8 PAX). For larger families and groups we can provide coaches from 16 to 49 seats with driver AND guide.

    Whether it’s a visit to a museum or a family day out, your guide will make it a day to remember. Our guides, who specialise in Britain’s cultural treasures, are experts in their chosen field

    Visit the famous National Gallery, containing 2,300 works of art dating from the 12th to the 20th century

    Make a short hop to Tate Britain and enjoy a private tour which includes the ‘Turner Bequest’ comprising 300 oil paintings and 30,000 sketches and watercolours

    Tour the British Museum and see the Elgin Marbles, the mummies of ancient Egypt and the Rosetta Stone.

    Your Tour Details

    Itinerary Details

    Your personal driver-guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel at 9.00 am. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss any changes you might like to make to your tour. Any tour itinerary we suggest is flexible and can be altered to suit your individual requirements, even on the day.

    The National Gallery, based in Trafalgar Square, houses one of the greatest collections of European painting in the world. Boasting of over 2,300 masterpieces ranging from Duccio, Leonardo, Claude, Cézanne, Van Gogh and Monet.

    The most popular painting is ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh, ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ by Joseph Mallord William Turner and ‘The Arnolfini Portrait’ by Jan Van Eyck.

    Our guides are authorised to offer you a private guided tour inside the gallery. This tour will give you an insight into the power of art and its effect on us.

    Make the short hop to Tate Britain and enjoy a private tour. Tate Britain opened in 1897 and houses a substantial collection of artwork. The collection includes the ‘Turner Bequest’ which comprises of nearly 300 oil paintings and 30,000 sketches and watercolours. Other artists represented include William Hogarth, sometimes called the father of English painting, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon and Gainsborough.

    The British Museum was completed in 1852, the Great Court being the most famous part of the museum purely because of its spectacular glass and steel roof. The collection is worldwide in origin and relates to places and people from the past two million years. The different cultures that can be found within the Museum range from the Aztecs and Native North America to Ancient Egypt, Imperial China, Anglo-Saxon and Renaissance Europe - the list is simply endless! Your guide can tailor a tour of the British museum that will focus on your interests.

    The highlights tour can include; The Elgin Marbles, the mummies of ancient Egypt, the Rosetta Stone, the key to the mysterious hieroglyphs, Anglo-Saxon treasure and Greece and Roman artefacts.

    Explore the Inns of Court or ‘legal London’ with your private guide and see the ancient courtyards and chapels that make this neighbourhood a film makers paradise. Finish the day with a tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (time permitting).

    Available Vehicles

    BMW X5

    Our new SUVs are perfect for city and countryside touring. Panoramic roof, large seats and easy access are all key features of our fleet. This vehicle is ideal for long distance touring, especially when including Britain’s National Parks. This vehicle makes easy work of mountain passes, country lanes along with being supremely comfortable. Luggage capacity: 2 medium cases plus 2 small carry-ons.

    BMW X5: Luxury SUV
    BMW X5: Luxury SUV

    VW & Mercedes-Benz passenger vans

    Our range of passenger vans are suitable to fulfil a number of different roles, depending on the number of people travelling, the amount of luggage and the length of the journey. Our Mercedes vans have 7 passenger seats, plenty of head and leg room. Our VW vans have more space and more luggage capacity and therefore are ideal for extended touring with groups up to 7 people. Luggage capacity: 8 medium suit cases plus 2/3 small carry-ons OR 5 large suit cases plus 2/3 carry-ons.

    Mercedes & VW: Luxury Vans
    Mercedes & VW: Luxury Vans

    BMW Grand Tourer

    This vehicle is super comfortable for 2 people, touring the countryside on an extended tour or day trip is a breeze. This Grand Tourer has a long wheel base, which means more leg room than your average sedan, higher seating position making getting in out of the car easier. Another nice feature is a full panoramic roof This BMW also has a smooth and quiet ECO engine and a certain amount of style too! Luggage capacity: 2 medium cases plus 2 handbag sized pieces of luggage.

    BMW GT: Luxury Sedan
    BMW GT: Luxury Sedan

    Mini Coach

    ​This vehicle is ideal for small corporate groups or large families. Large windows, cool boxes and quiet modern engines will enhance the touring experience. These vehicles have 15 passenger seats and rear area with tables. Luggage capacity: 15 medium bags plus carry-ons.

    Mercedes coach: Luxury mini coach
    Mercedes coach: Luxury mini coach

    Motor Coach

    Our luxury motor coaches can cater for every group size from 21 to 49 passengers. All of our luxury coaches are air-conditioned, have radio/pa systems and are fitted with seat belts. Some have a refrigerator, monitors and washroom facilities. Luggage capacity varies.

    Coach interior
    Motor coach interior

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