6 Nights of Family Fun in England

6 Nights of Family Touring in England

6 Nights of Family Fun in England

This tour is customisable and private. We can provide a driver-guide with Luxury Sedan (3 PAX) or Van (8 PAX). For larger families and groups we can provide coaches from 16 to 49 seats with driver AND guide. Creating itineraries that include experiences that appeal to family members of all ages is the key to a great tour.

Tour medieval castles with spiral stone staircases, towers, cannons and a portcullis. Enjoy a private falconry experience for the whole family which includes flying a hawk and barn owl.

Visit the first ever safari park to open outside of Africa. Expect to see monkeys, rhinos, tigers and wolves.

Explore Dartmoor National Park and discover its many secrets.

See Harry Potter film locations before getting lost in the Tudor Maze at Hampton Court Palace. We can organise a picnic during your trip. You may want to include a night’s stay in a castle.

Your Tour Details

Itinerary Details

​Day 1. Private Falconry Experience and Winchester - the burial place of kings.

Visit a falconry centre, based on an exclusive 12 acre woodland site, which is home to over 50 species of Birds of Prey, including eagles, owls, hawks and falcons. We aim to make your day truly memorable in a fun but informative way, with plenty of hands on, as you help train and fly these majestic creatures. Whether it’s a barn owl flying through the woodland glade to land silently on your gloved hand, or a Hawk flying with extreme speed and agility along the woodland paths you will feel the wonder of being up close and personal with nature’s finest creations.

Tour Winchester, once the principal capital of England and burial place of kings. Winchester Cathedral is one of Europe’s most important churches architecturally and historically, spanning over 15 centuries. Enjoy a private guided tour inside, where you will see the tomb of Jane Austen and the famous mortuary chest containing bones of Saxon Kings.

Overnight: Wiltshire.

Day 2. Old Wardour Castle, Longleat Safari Park and the world’s longest hedge maze.

Visit Old Wardour Castle, a real secret tucked away down a narrow series of country lanes, almost forgotten in time. Built in the 14th century, the hexagonal castle was brought to ruin during the Civil War. Your driver-guide will take you around the castle rooms and up the circular stairs to see the panoramic landscape of Wiltshire.

Tour the Wiltshire countryside, avoiding the usual tourist trail to see sleepy villages and hamlets. Enjoy lunch in a real English pub and meet the locals. During the winter months, expect to be greeted by a roaring log fire.

Opening in 1966, Longleat is the first ever safari park to open outside of Africa. The drive-through safari park features mischievous monkeys, rhinos, tigers, wolves and a large pride of African lions. Visit the penguin island and the stingray bay along with the gorilla colony and the bat cave. You can also get lost in the world’s longest hedge maze, which is made up of over 16,000 yews. The adventure castle is perfect for children to explore and use up any excess energy before returning to the car!

Overnight: Wiltshire.

Day 3. Ancient Burial Chambers, Avebury and Stonehenge.

Enjoy a private guided tour of the long-standing heritage site of Stonehenge. The ancient temple was built around 5,000 years ago, making it older than the pyramids of Egypt. Explore the visitor centre which has various exhibitions relating to Stonehenge. See the objects discovered in the local areas such as an axes, arrows and domestic objects such as cups.

Avebury is one of the most important Megalithic monuments in Europe. It covers 28 acres of stone circles enclosed by a huge ditch and has stones weighing over 75 tons. Your guide will reveal the mysteries of this lesser known ancient site.

Explore the ‘Long Barrow’, a dark Neolithic communal burial chamber and discover its secrets. The tomb was used for a millennium, before being closed off at around 2000 BC.

See Silbury Hill, the largest man-made mound in Europe, dating back 5,000 years. At over 39 metres high, the mound is made up of layers of chalk and clay with a platform-like summit; it still dominates the skyline today. Could it be the burial place of an ancient warrior king? Visit a village pub and discuss the theories with your guide. With only basis tools, think how much labour over how many years it would have taken to create Silbury Hill!

This tour is for those who enjoy the mystery of prehistory. The countryside in this region is just studded with hundreds of pre-historic monuments, some famous, some are almost forgotten.

Overnight: Cotswolds.

Day 4. Warwick Castle, Medieval Warfare and Blenheim Palace, Plus a Picnic.

Head to a place with a thousand years of history within its domain. The medieval walls of Warwick Castle tower over the River Avon; appearing twice as big because of the reflection on the water. The structure of the castle was meant for military purposes and throughout history has proved its importance.

Tour the chapel, great hall and State Rooms. Each room contains various artefacts and possessions relating to the castle’s past. In the great hall, see ‘Guy’s Porridge Pot’ which is around 500 years old. Visit Guy’s Tower, a 14th Century construction with five storeys. The windows were redesigned to allow cannons to be used during the Civil War. Other towers worth seeing are Clarence, Bear and Caesar’s Tower. Your guide will bring to life the tales, events and the truth behind Warwick’s great stone walls.

From April each year you can see the world’s largest trebuchet, a huge medieval siege engine measuring 18 metres high and weighs 22 tons! Watch the wooden machine shoot a massive stone ball over 300 metres. Demonstrations of the English longbow, jousting and medieval warfare can be seen during holiday periods.

Home to the Duke of Marlborough and birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace is a grand aristocratic home befitting the high status of a Dukedom.

Enjoy a picnic on the grounds of Blenheim Palace. Walk around the formal gardens and stroll through the collection of Italian, secret, rose and pleasure gardens along with the water terraces.

Overnight: Cotswolds.

Day 5. Harry Potter’s Oxford, Hogwarts’ Dining Hall and Cookery Class.

Your first stop on your tour is Oxford, home to important buildings that shape the city’s landscape. See the great dining hall in Christ Church College; the inspiration for Hogwarts. View the beautiful vaulted staircases which are frequently used for filming interior scenes. University buildings were used to recreate the library, infirmary and grand entrances of Hogwarts.

In the afternoon, enjoy a cookery class with hands-on experience. We can offer half-day introductions for the whole family, or just the children.

Overnight: Cotswolds or Oxford.

Day 6. Legoland Trip.

Young and old alike will be fascinated by the incredible LEGO models throughout the park. Prepare for a soaking on our wet and wild water rides. Follow a pirate trail that’ll leave you wetter than walking the plank or join a Viking fleet where you’ll battle sea monsters and rough waters.

From comical camels to fearsome fire-breathing dragons, world landmarks to musical pirates, it’s amazing what can be built with LEGO bricks - nearly 55 million of them!

Overnight: Buckinghamshire.

Day 7. Hampton Court Palace and Tudor Maze.

The inspiration for historical novels and location for films, Hampton Court has it all. Enjoy a private guided tour inside Hampton Court Palace, with architecture and furnishings reflecting the tastes of kings and queens over a period of some 300 years. Tour the authentic Tudor kitchens; they would have had the capacity to cater for a court of 600 people – a huge daily operation without modern appliances such as microwaves or electric whisks! Visit the great hall with its hammer-beamed roof and tapestries.

Whatever the weather, the Tudor maze and gardens ought to be visited as they are renowned throughout the world. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your guide will know how to negotiate the famous maze! Make sure you look up high to see the decorative Tudor brick chimneys which give the exterior of Hampton Court Palace real character.

Return to London.

Available Vehicles

BMW Grand Tourer

This vehicle is super comfortable for 2 people, touring the countryside on an extended tour or day trip is a breeze. This Grand Tourer has a long wheel base, which means more leg room than your average sedan, higher seating position making getting in out of the car easier. Another nice feature is a full panoramic roof This BMW also has a smooth and quiet ECO engine and a certain amount of style too! Luggage capacity: 2 medium cases plus 2 handbag sized pieces of luggage.

BMW GT: Luxury Sedan
BMW GT: Luxury Sedan


Our new SUVs are perfect for city and countryside touring. Panoramic roof, large seats and easy access are all key features of our fleet. This vehicle is ideal for long distance touring, especially when including Britain’s National Parks. This vehicle makes easy work of mountain passes, country lanes along with being supremely comfortable. Luggage capacity: 2 medium cases plus 2 small carry-ons.

BMW X5: Luxury SUV
BMW X5: Luxury SUV

Motor Coach

Our luxury motor coaches can cater for every group size from 21 to 49 passengers. All of our luxury coaches are air-conditioned, have radio/pa systems and are fitted with seat belts. Some have a refrigerator, monitors and washroom facilities. Luggage capacity varies.

Coach interior
Motor coach interior

Mini Coach

​This vehicle is ideal for small corporate groups or large families. Large windows, cool boxes and quiet modern engines will enhance the touring experience. These vehicles have 15 passenger seats and rear area with tables. Luggage capacity: 15 medium bags plus carry-ons.

Mercedes coach: Luxury mini coach
Mercedes coach: Luxury mini coach

VW & Mercedes-Benz passenger vans

Our range of passenger vans are suitable to fulfil a number of different roles, depending on the number of people travelling, the amount of luggage and the length of the journey. Our Mercedes vans have 7 passenger seats, plenty of head and leg room. Our VW vans have more space and more luggage capacity and therefore are ideal for extended touring with groups up to 7 people. Luggage capacity: 8 medium suit cases plus 2/3 small carry-ons OR 5 large suit cases plus 2/3 carry-ons.

Mercedes & VW: Luxury Vans
Mercedes & VW: Luxury Vans

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